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After years of dealing with my own personal health challenges, and the challenges of others, I learned what works and what doesn’t. After researching all the health benefits of Sulforaphane, it checked many of the boxes that needed to be checked on my wellness journey. Like most of us, I started supplementing with Sulforaphane looking to enhance my health. Unfortunately instead of enhancing my health and feeling better, it did the opposite. I ended up getting an upset stomach and felt like crap. Knowing that over the years, the same ingredients produced by different manufactures can have the total opposite effect, I started to experiment with different brands. Unfortunately the end result was always the same. The super high dosage stuff caused the most distress, while the others basically did nothing but empty my wallet.

Enter growing my own sprouts! I dove in deep, bought the mason jars, seeds, cheese cloth, and off to the races I went. While growing sprouts is not that difficult, it is very time consuming. You have to constantly rinse off the seeds/sprouts to keep any mold and pathogens from forming, transfer containers, and then there’s the storage. Once you get a batch, you need to get the next one started. Then to get the most out of the sprouts, I would heat them up to approximately 158 degrees to boost the Sulforaphane content. Once again not hard to do, but very time consuming. As with any sulfur tasting product, it is an acquired taste that is not very enjoyable. The mold issue was always in the back of my mind every time I finished a batch! But despite all this work, it did slowly move the needle helping me feel better over time.

Sulforaphane does not produce any stimulant like effects. Its effects are gradual that take place over a period of time. How do you know it’s doing anything? Keep an eye on your blood work. While everyone is different, you should start to see some of your markers move in a positive direction.

Knowing the benefits of this great substance, it became my mission to create a product that actually delivered all the benefits of the raw sprouts, without any of the growing pains, and stomach pains of all the products on the market! Enter liposomal delivery. We took Sulforaphane and enhanced it by making it liposomal! Now with the ultimate delivery mechanism taken care of, we needed to get this sulfur product to taste good. After doing more research, we came up with a nice berry flavor to make it even better.

After using our product for some time, I achieve all the same health benefits of growing the sprouts without any of the work. It’s a win win on the wellness journey.

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