My Story

While all of my other friends were playing traditional sports, I took to bicycle racing at the age of 7.  What started as fun turned into traveling all over the country, later winning the World BMX Championship.  Upon a 13 year retreat from cycling and ballooning up to an unhealthy 230lbs, I knew something had to change. This was the first time I started to feel the effects of being unhealthy.  What began as a mission to regain my health at 32 years old, started my journey into the world of health and wellness.  Learning everything that I could about diet and exercise, I got back on my bike this time into the world of endurance sports.  While thinking what I was doing was healthy, I ignored my body and kept pushing the limits.  I went from competing at an elite level, to being fully incapacitated.   Terrified not knowing what was going on, western medicine had no answers besides telling me it was in my head!.   After months of suffering and spending thousands of dollars, I had no choice but to try and fix myself.  After being forced to let go of everything in my life, I undertook an amazing journey to get my health back on track.  I tried every remedy and supplement looking for the holy grail, but nothing worked.  It wasn’t until I started doing my own research, creating my own regiment did I start getting the results I desired.  It’s with this real world knowledge I gained through my experience that I bring to you Solitary Health.
My mission

To pass on my knowledge to others in hopes of making a difference in their health.